👋 Hi, I'm JohnAnge

I am

The Lead iOS Developer for Visa Mobile

The Founder of Locally Grown

An App Development Consultant

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I'm a Founder

Locally Grown

Buy food from local farms.

Find local farms, place orders and schedule a pickup, dropoff or delivery.

iphone ios food app preview

A Lead iOS Developer

Visa Mobile

Easy online payments.

Once you sign up, all you need to do to pay online with your Visa card is to enter your phone number and confirm the payment in the app. It’s fast, safe and convenient.

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A Former President


Digital workspace for creators.

Rella is the only tool needed to grow your social media and manage your content with our all-in-one social media management and planning tool.

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An App Development Consultant


Trails of the Triangle in the palm of your hand.

Triangle Trailblazer is a program of Triangle Trails that is designed to engage residents and encourage all of us to get outdoors and explore the extensive regional greenway network. The app is coming soon so you can get outside and explore these wonderful greenways.

iphone ios food app preview